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The G-FINDER survey tracks global public, private, and philanthropic investment into product research and development for neglected diseases. These are diseases that predominantly affect developing countries and for which products are needed but there is insufficient commercial pull to stimulate R&D.

The survey includes R&D of drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, insecticides, microbicides and other pharmaceutical tools, from basic research through to post-registration studies.For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

The project is conducted by The George Institute for International Health and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

G-FINDER Reports

Survey results are published as yearly reports.The results from the first two reports are available here:

G-FINDER 2008. Neglected Disease Research & Development: How much are we really spending?

G-FINDER 2009. Neglected Disease Research & Development: New times, new trends.

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Key dates

4 June 2010
Deadline for completing the survey


December 2010
Publication and global launch of the third annual report

Thank you for your participation in the G-FINDER Neglected Disease Survey.

The survey has now closed. Results will be published in the coming months.